The Webs we Weave

Our lives are full of entanglements, many of our own creation. A mini-quest into the forest can often help us to sort it all out. Perhaps a mere coincidence that the other day, I found myself pondering the tangled webs of life and decided to spend a few days hiking in the forest.  And what was waiting for me there?  Endless spider webs; delicate and swaying in the wind.  Coincidence?  I think not. Continue reading

Enchanted Lough Gur

Of the many gifts of an Irish summer, I most enjoy daylight coming shortly after 5 AM and lasting until nearly 11 in the evening.  Before catching an early afternoon flight out of Shannon, (SNN), why not visit Lough Gur which is only about a 30 minute drive from the airport?  Of course, there is much to see and experience here so one can make a day trip out of it as well with more time on hand. Continue reading

Banba’s Crown at Malin Head

At the northernmost point of Ireland is Malin Head, where according to the proprietors of Farren’s Bar, Ireland’s northernmost pub, the sun shines most of the time.  This was certainly true when I arrived from Horn Head where the morning had been wet with a misty rain. Continue reading

Horn Head – County Donegal

Earlier this month, I was fortunate to embark upon my own, mini vision quest wandering around County Donegal, Ireland.  The four day trek started at Horn Head, in the north of County Donegal, Ireland.

Reaching Horn Head is about an hour from Letterkenny and can be reached on the N56 heading to Dunfanaghy.  Go through Main street following the signs to Horn Head and after crossing the bridge, look for a gravel road and head left.  The car park is shortly up the gravel road and appears to hold at least a dozen vehicles although I was the only one there.  From the car park, you pick up the Tramore loop. Continue reading

Aphrodite’s Rock

About halfway between Pahpos and Limassol in Cyrprus, along the B6 highway, is Aphrodite’s Rock.  It is worth a stop as part of a scenic drive or to even spend the day.

We stopped on our way from Paphos back to Larnaca to catch our flights home.  Some views: Continue reading

Day Trip From Galway

Galway is a wonderful town with nice views, a great pub and food scene, and an overall lively place to be.  Sooner or later though, I yearn for a bit of peace and quiet and a slower pace.  Manny visitors to Galway trek out into the Connemara and we decided to head south into The Burren.  A dear friend of ours at Ancient Ireland Tourism mapped out a day trip for us a day ahead and we enjoyed every minute of it. Continue reading

Coping with a Long Haul Flight

In The Air

With the Thanksgiving weekend in the USA this week, the holiday travel season begins.  For many, the holidays mean travel on packed planes and at times over long distances.  Coping with a long haul flight requires for some a bit of tactical planning to minimize discomfort and irritation which might ruin the occasion.  Everyone has a different style and set of preferences, and here are some tips from a few decades of travel: Continue reading

Fall Season for Beaches

Virginia BEach

We all love the sea shore and flock to the beach.  Visiting the beach is wonderful at any time, although we all tend to congregate there in the summer months which means crowds and noise.  True, summer is the time to go for warmer water to swim, and for sunbathing and tans, but the lure of the sea need not be reserved exclusively for summer.  Why not fall season for beaches?   Continue reading

A Gold Coast Day Drive on Hawaii

The western shore of the island of Hawaii, also known as the gold coast, is a place of remarkable beauty, excellent weather with plenty of sunshine, and perfect for relaxation and tranquility.  My favorite is the stretch between Waikaloa, just 19 miles north of the airport, to Kohala.  A day trip is certainly possible which affords stops at several tranquil locations. Continue reading