Looking back on life,  I’ve had some amazing experiences and seen may places and consider myself fortunate to have had the opportunities I’ve had.  To date, these experiences have been confined to my memories and to the few friends and family I’ve shared them with.  This site is meant to share those experiences.



Life growing up was “well traveled” to say the least.  Every three years we up and moved to someplace new.  As a kid, I hated the moves and the changing schools.  I always envied those other kids who got to stay in one place, go the same school, and have the same friends every year.  But then again, I had something they did not have as I’ve lived all over this great land from Florida to California, to New England and the Mid-Atlantic region.  Looking back, I would not trade the experience for anything in the world.

Our mother always saw to it that whenever we were transferred, we always drove across country, stopping along the way to see whatever we were near.  Those visions are still clear in my mind when I hear Woodie Guthrie sing the words of the song “This Land is Your Land.”

Once, my brothers and I skipped (almost) an entire year of school.  Instead of the 7th grade, I traveled with our mother all around Europe following dad’s ship.  The only requirement was to show up whenever the ship came into port, wherever that might be. (Or we would be sent home!)  Our mom required us to keep a daily diary of our experiences and used those writings to convince the good sisters back school to allow us to advance to the next grade level when school started up again.  (As long as we could “keep up.”)  Perhaps that diary from circa 1970 is the original inspiration for creating this website.

So, facing mid-life and struggling to find my real passion, I realized that the most satisfying experiences in life for me where found on the road or exploring new places and experiences.  From the far fetched journey to a exploring local placers; I just am passionate about exploring.

While I still work a day job, (although it does let me travel a little),  my realization is that life itself is a vision quest to be experienced.  We find our passion and our destiny in the places we go as each place on our planet has a spiritual energy for us to experience.  I travel and explore every chance I get.

This site is my sharing of those experiences with the world.  It is not complete and in fact, never will be as life continues to evolve.  From time to time, I’ll add experiences from the past as well as future experiences. Explore the links and feel free to share with me as well at: Contact Me.


To life! To the Vision!  To the Quest!


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