Escape from Cancun

A quiet day at Akumal

After our first trip to Cancun, we almost never returned.  This tourist city on Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula simply does not meet the criteria for what we would call a quiet, vision quest excursion location.  However, we soon discovered the spiritual areas are about an hour south of Cancun near Tulim and Playa del Carmen.  Here, one can find the right places in nature away from the rowdy and loud American tourists to spiritually recharge.

One of our favorites and certainly worth spending a day during any visit to the Yucatan is Akumal Beach.  In the language of the Maya, Akumal means “place of the turtle” and there are magnificent turtles to see here just a short swim and snorkel from the beach.

Below are some images from Akumal Beach so judge for yourself the natural beauty and peacefulness of this place.


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