A Short Vortex Meditation

Out of all the vortex locations in and around Sedona, probably the busiest, primarily because of how easy it is to reach, is Airport Mesa.  Airport Mesa is not far from the heart of downtown Sedona and attracts many visitors.  While not as secluded as most of the other sacred places around Sedona, Airport Mesa […]

Better Than A Hotel

                     Better Than a Hotel Let’s face it, vacations can cost a lot of money and not the best values are to be had at hotels. Even in luxurious five-star hotels, space is still limited to a room. Rooms can get cramped and are not great […]

Italian Adventures

Italy While Europe in general is rich with tradition, culture, history and natural beauty, Italy ranks up there in the top by any comparison.  From stunning views, seashores, history, art, cuisine and culture, there is always something spiritual to be experienced in Italy.

Featured Story

Arizona USA

Arizona is a wonderfully diverse place which satisfies all ends of the adventure and pleasure spectrum.  From deserts, to mountains, to forests, to the red rocks, there is something in Arizona for everyone and every taste.

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