Rained Out on The Big Island

Why is it that we often take a vacation to relax and unwind yet fill up our days with so many activities that we return to our lives more exhausted than before we left? Of course, travel, explorations, and discovering new sites are always a thrill. Yet, there are times when one must simply pause and tend to the bones.

One of the dreads I’ve had for years is that of choosing a time and place for holiday which becomes rained out. After all, vacations are far too short for most Americans to lose even a single day of fun in the sun. But today, as hurricane Ana passes by the Hawaiian islands, I am so grateful for the pause in life’s business to simply sit and watch the day go by.

We are certainly blessed that the storm did not make a direct hit and instead, passed 170 miles south of the Big Island. From the comfort of the lanai at my condo, I can see the clouds go by and even witness the sun struggle to peek though once in a while. I can enjoy the lush scenery of a green golf course laid out among the barren beauty of dark lava fields. Even with the heavy rain, there were two hard-core golfers go by determined to get in a round despite the adverse weather.

Even nature does not seem to mind the rain as the birds have been out and about, some coming by to visit or perhaps just be get out of the rain. Feral cats scamper about the lava field searching for a dry place and some shelter. Watching it all, I am grateful for the pause and for a day to let the sunburn heal.

Tomorrow will bring another opportunity to engage in busy activities. But today is a welcome reminder of what rest and relaxation is really about.

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